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Executive Engineering is a fully insured, state of the art design firm with over THIRTY (30) YEARS of experience. At Executive Engineering, every project is treated efficiently, meticulously, and with precision. Time arrangement in our office is flexible to accommodate the most demanding schedules. Our rates are competitive. Our value engineering design saves our clients thousands of dollars in construction cost. The project design requirements are achieved while project construction budget and time constraints are met. This fact is established by thousands of projects designed by our office and the continuous feedback from our clients.

Our unique value engineered hillside pool design utilizes the pool shell for friction pile connections, therefore eliminating the need for friction pile grade beams. This is another innovative, value engineered design, which creates savings for our clients. Executive Engineering has registered Standard Pool drawings with The City of Los Angeles, City of Beverly Hills, City of Thousand Oaks, The County of Los Angeles, and The County of Ventura.

Additional Services: Design, Drafting, Calculations, Field Investigation, Permit Processing, Title 24 Reports